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Workers Are The IBEW

The IBEW is a group of over 750,000 workers who have committed to the principles of family, fairness, justice, equality and solidarity. We are an organization that has fought to improve the lives of working families by joining together in strength and solidarity to fight for the rights of working families including the 40 hour work week, overtime pay, minimum wages, family and child medical leave, workplace safety, equal pay for women and minorities, plus job protection against favoritism.

One of our greatest attributes is our ability to stop the company from making changes to your working conditions. We negotiate and fight for a contract to protect your rights. Employees deserve to know what their working conditions, wages and benefits are. It is not right, when a corporation unilaterally takes those away from you. The IBEW is here to help!

A Leading Voice for Manufacturing Professionals

Over 42,000 IBEW members work in manufacturing across the U.S. and Canada that are under 540 individual contracts.

IBEW manufacturing members, employed by companies of all sizes, produce a wide array of products and electrical and electronic components for many diverse industries; such as communications, healthcare, national defense, aerospace, consumer electronics and computer hardware. Equipment needed for the generation, control and distribution of energy is also produced by IBEW manufacturing members.

The highly diversified list of products manufactured by IBEW members includes electric motors and generators, light fixtures, all types of household appliances, broadcasting and entertainment equipment, telecommunications equipment, and scientific and medical equipment.

The Manufacturing Department of the IBEW was established to help local unions in their efforts to help make sure all workers in manufacturing facilities in local communities have a chance for union representation.

Things Employers Say and Do to Keep their Employees from Forming a Union

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IBEW Benefits

If you want to improve conditions on the job, how do you do it? We’d all like fair pay, decent benefits and respect. But can you make these kinds of changes alone?

There’s a better way. By joining together with your fellow co-workers as a group, you can help negotiate the kinds of conditions and fair treatment that you all deserve.

By coming together, working men and women like us across North America can win:

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IBEW members sit down with their managers and mutually agree on workplace practices that work for everyone. In collective bargaining, a group of employees work to define their terms and conditions of employment in a legal, binding agreement with their employer. Depending upon what the employees want and can negotiate with the employer, a contract can contain provisions like hours of work, wage and salary definitions, safety and work rules, definition of benefits and orderly procedures for resolving on-the-job conflicts.

Of unionized workers covered by retirement plans offered by their employer, nearly a quarter of them also enjoy plans covering medical, dental and vision. Paid vacation time, holidays, personal days, paid sick time, overtime pay, shift differentials and more are also generally better in workplaces where employees have unionized.

While 50 percent of union workers have been with their current employers for at least 10 years, only 32 percent of nonunion workers can make the same claim. Union workers have greater job stability – partly because they are more satisfied with their work, receive better pay, have better benefits and have access to fair grievance procedures. Nonunion workers are, under federal law, “employees at will” who can be fired at any time for almost any reason. As an IBEW member, a boss or supervisor can’t fire you on a whim, discipline you arbitrarily or discharge you without just cause. Your contract guarantees that you have the right to representation when dealing with management.

The IBEW has over 750,000 active and retired members throughout the utility, telecommunication, railroad, manufacturing, government, construction and broadcasting industries. Our members stand ready to support the ever-increasing demand for power and are at the forefront of advancements in the new power industries.

Community service has been a hallmark of our organization throughout its history. Our members' commitment to a job well done doesn't end with their work shift. From wiring Habitat for Humanity homes to helping residents and businesses around the world rebuild after natural disasters, IBEW members take pride in volunteering their skills in their communities and beyond to help working families. Click here: IBEW Teams Up to Help Protect Your Child

About 85 percent of union workers are covered by retirement plans that help provide a stable monthly income – compared with only about 45 percent of nonunion workers. Seventy percent of union workers have defined-benefit retirement coverage, compared with 16 percent of nonunion workers. Defined-benefit plans are federally insured and provide a guaranteed monthly pension amount. They are better for workers than riskier, defined-contribution plans like 401(k)s, where your benefit amount depends on your own contributions and how well stock market investments perform.

The numbers don’t lie: employees who join with their co-workers to form a union enjoy higher wages. This is because we have the option to bargain collectively with the company, rather than try to just ask for a raise on our own. On average, union employees make 27 percent more money than their nonunion counterparts. That’s an average yearly difference of more than $10,000 for you and your family. Also, with your IBEW contract, you can get a cost-of-living clause that helps ensure your wages will rise to keep pace with increasing prices.

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Union workers have guaranteed seniority rights, structured lay off procedures, recall procedures and grievance procedures to ensure that everyone is treated with fairness. When changes occur within the company those covered under an IBEW contract are able to plan for their futures.

YOU have the power!

Contact the IBEW and see if what management has been saying is true. Join with your co-workers who have already banded together for the benefit of all. Don't sit back and wait for someone else to take action.
Get involved - you won't be alone.

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